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Overworked? Understaffed? Missing a particular online expertise? Or maybe you have other things you like to do so online business marketing falls off your radar? ... Or maybe your TO DO list is as long as Santa's naughty or nice list?

That's where I come in.


I can build your website, or refresh it. Because marketing your business or charity is very important. Getting traffic to your site is only part of the mission. Keeping people engaged on your site until they do whatever you want them to do or learn is equally important. 


SOCIAL MEDIA ADS: Do you have brand relevant social media ad designs? Is your brand strategically positioned? I breath creativity, and I LOVE to write and design ads and websites.

STRATEGIES: Need help to map out where you are at, and where you want your business or charity's goals to reach? Do you know how you are going to find your market? Let's do that. Also, I can connect you to a wonderfully supportive business network of women in Ottawa.

RESEARCH: I can research, strategize and asses the effectiveness of a particular program or website. Analytics falls right in line with my Bachelor of Social Sciences degree.  Especially during these unusually strange day-to-day situations, where things can change on a dime with little to no notice, I can offer an objective viewpoint, and a professionally written report on the findings. I can also design a socially relevant poll and administer it.

OUTREACH EXPANSION: Need to reach a different audience? Have you over-fished the same customer or donor pond too often and need new fishing grounds? Or maybe your customers or donors have gone online when they used to be in-person, and you need help reaching them? I can help you build an online presence using strategically selected online tools like apps and plugins, social media; set-up and design e-newsletters via software programs like MailChimp, Wix, Shopify, and ActiveCampaign, etc.


Are you considering paid ads, lead magnets, networking, social media, analytics, content tweaks, partnering with local charities for cause marketing opportunities, etc? Through my connections with charities for over 17 years, I have the pulse of the charitable community, as well as a fearless ability to liaise with top officials of businesses thanks to my many years as HR Corporate Programs Specialist and Executive Assistant work, for example, a life-time ago.

WEBSITE WORK: Do you need someone to build or maintain your website? Wouldn't it be great to have your changes and ideas reflected on your website in real-time? Zooms to discuss changes, and I either implement, or oversee your people if you have someone already dedicated to website maintenance.

I can help you bring positive impact and growth! I look forward to meeting you! Book a free consultation today!

Interview Services

Do you have something to promote? An interview can help you connect with your customers, donors and the public.

We set a goal for the interview, and I prepare questions to ask you to help facilitate reaching that goal. 

Here is an example of an interview with my client The Ottawa Bra Clinic, owner Michele Bourque, November 22, 2022.

Tell me what your goals are ... or we can figure them out together ...

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Michelle Beaupré, MBFM

Let's discuss where you are at, and where you want to get to ...