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Lighten Your Load, Boost Your Presence!

Feeling overwhelmed, short on staff, or lacking specific online expertise? Perhaps, your busy schedule has online business marketing slipping through the cracks, or your extensive to-do list needs some decluttering.

HERE TO HELP: Allow me to step in and alleviate the pressure.


  1. Expertise On Demand: Whether you're understaffed or need a specific skill set, I've got you covered.

  2. Online Business Marketing: Let me handle your online presence while you focus on what you love.

  3. Task Management: If your to-do list is stretching too long, let's streamline and conquer it together.


  • Proven track record in online marketing.

  • Flexible and adaptive to your unique needs.

  • Efficient task management to free up your time.

Ready to lighten your load and elevate your online game? Let's chat! 🚀 #BusinessSupport #OnlineMarketing #TaskManagement

Ad Design

This is an ad created for my client

The Ottawa Bra Clinic

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Business Services with Flexible Hours

Elevate Your Online Presence and Strategy with My Expertise!

Are you looking to build or refresh your website? Let's explore various marketing options to ensure your business or charity not only has a website but also thrives in the online landscape.

Whether it's constructing a new website or giving your current one a facelift, I can bring creativity to your brand. Marketing is a crucial puzzle piece, and I specialize in creating brand-relevant social media ad designs. I thrive on crafting engaging content that strategically positions your brand, making sure it resonates with your audience.

Mapping out your current standing and future aspirations is key. I can help devise strategies to achieve your business or charity goals. From finding your target market to implementing effective outreach, we can work together to ensure success.


My expertise extends to comprehensive research, strategy assessment, and analytics. With a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree, I provide an objective viewpoint and deliver professionally written reports. From designing relevant polls to administering them, I can help you gain insights into your audience.

Need to tap into new audiences or transition from in-person to online engagement? I can guide you through building an online presence using various tools, apps, and platforms. From setting up e-newsletters to utilizing paid ads and lead magnets, I have the experience to expand your outreach effectively.

With over 17 years of involvement with charities and a background in HR Corporate Programs and Executive Assistance, I bring a unique perspective. I can leverage my extensive charity network for cause marketing opportunities and connect with business officials fearlessly.

Do you need someone to maintain your website? Collaborate with me for real-time changes and seamless implementation. Zoom meetings are a convenient way to discuss updates, ensuring your website reflects your evolving ideas.

Let's turn your ideas into impactful results! Schedule your free consultation today and discover how we can bring positive impact and growth to your endeavors.

Interview Services

Unlock the Power of Connection through Interviews!

Do you have a compelling story or message to share? An interview can be a dynamic tool to connect with your audience, whether they are customers, donors, or the general public.


Goal-Oriented Approach: Together, we set clear goals for the interview, ensuring that every question and answer aligns with your objectives.

Structured Questioning: I take care of the groundwork by structuring and preparing questions tailored to achieve your specific goals.

As an illustration, I recently conducted an engaging interview with Michele Bourque, the proprietor of The Ottawa Bra Clinic, on November 22, 2022.

Please note that the person seen in the video is my client, while the voice conducting the interview is mine. This approach ensures a seamless and professional interview experience for your audience.

Ready to amplify your message through impactful interviews? Let's strategize and create content that resonates with your audience. Book your session now! 🎙️🌟 #Interviews #ConnectionPower #ContentCreation

Imagine Your Goals – Let's Shape Success!
Share your aspirations, and together, we can sculpt a path to success. Whether you have clear-cut goals or need a collaborative exploration, I'm here to guide the way. Let's embark on this journey together! 🌟 #GoalSetting #CollaborationForSuccess

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Michelle Beaupré, MBFM

Website Design, Fundraising Management, Grant Writing, Research, Marketing

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