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Fundraising Management

  • Do you have more goals than money to fund them?

  • Do you have fundraising needs that can't be met with the staffing resources at your disposal?

  • Do you need help doing funding outreach to fulfill your charity's mission?


Book a FREE 20-minute consultation and let's strategize how I can help you get the funds you need to reach your goals and fulfill your mission.

Grant Research &
Application Writing

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to fund your programs with the help of a grant? How incredible would it feel to receive that cheque that will help you realize your charity's mission?


I can research grant opportunities using specialized computer software so the best matched opportunities can be found. Then I can coordinate the necessary parts for the application submission and write your application content based on your organization's particular situation, mission and program needs. Hire via a set contract for a monthly block of hours for fundraising research/application writing. Not by a % of the grant amount.

Grant writing Michelle Beaupre.png

Web & Print Material

  • Does your organization stand out at in-person events?

  • Do you need pop-up banners designed?

  • Wouldn't it be great to have your logo and organization's mission clearly visible so attendees can pick your table out of a crowd?


I love to design print and online material! For example, popup banners, signs, flyers, annual reports etc.


Popup banners bring attention to your business or cause, and are great to stand next to for media opportunities - a picture tells a thousand words! Here is one of three popup banners I created for Breast Cancer Action Ottawa's Gala event. It was captured in social media photo posts with prominent guests to highlight their support of the gala's cause they were supporting.

Social Media
for Charities &
Non-profit Organizations

Are you missing fundraising opportunities because your charity isn't active on social media? Did you know you can leverage your followers to attract businesses to participate in cause marketing?


Do you need someone to create social media content who knows how to balance the number of posts that inform, verses the number of posts that ask for support? Too many asks can turn people off. Not enough and you miss fundraising opportunities.


Do you know how to read and interpret the analytics and create reports, draw conclusions from the data and adjust your strategies based on the interpretation of the information?


You can outsource your social media, and still include staff in producing content specific to your cause so the content is authentic and relevant to your mission?


I can help you steward donors through the giving pyramid to turn occasional donors into donors you can count on.


What's a giving pyramid? Book your free consultation and find out more.

website design.png

Website Fundraising

Do you want your website to work smarter for you?

I can do a website audit and create a report with suggestions on how it can support your fundraising needs better, with concrete suggestions.

If Wix, Wordpress, or Shopify, ask if I am available to implement any or all of the suggestions.

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