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Fundraising Management

Optimize Your Fundraising Efforts

  • Is your organization's vision outpacing your current financial resources?

  • Do your fundraising needs surpass your staffing capacity?

  • Could your charity benefit from expert guidance to enhance its funding strategies?


Unlock New Opportunities with a Complimentary 20-Minute Consultation!

  • Embark on a strategic journey during a free 20-minute consultation. Let's work together to develop a customized plan tailored to your organization's needs, empowering you to secure the vital funds necessary to achieve your goals and fulfill your mission. 🚀💼 #Consultation #StrategicPlanning #EmpowerYourMission

Grant Research &
Application Writing

Imagine funding your programs through a grant – a tangible step toward achieving your charity's mission.


Picture the satisfaction of receiving that crucial check that propels your vision forward.

I conduct in-depth grant research, pinpointing the most fitting opportunities. Subsequently, I orchestrate the necessary components for your application submission, tailoring the content to align seamlessly with your organization's unique situation, mission, and program needs.

Choose the flexibility of hiring through a set contract, providing a monthly block of hours dedicated to fundraising research and application writing. No percentage fees based on the grant amount – just a focused commitment to realizing your mission. 

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Web & Print Material

  • Is your organization making a memorable impact at in-person events?

  • Do you want for eye-catching pop-up banners that captivates and draws attention?


Imagine having a distinctive logo and your organization's mission prominently displayed, making your table unmistakable in a crowd.

I have a passion for designing both print and online materials! From pop-up banners to signs, flyers, and annual reports – I bring creativity to every project.


Pop-up banners not only draw attention to your business or cause but also serve as excellent backdrops for media opportunities. They say a picture speaks a thousand words! Take a look at one of the three pop-up banners I crafted for Breast Cancer Action Ottawa's Gala event. It not only enhanced their event but was also featured in social media posts with notable guests, spotlighting their support for the gala's cause. Let's make your presence unforgettable! 

Unlock Your Fundraising Potential on Social Media

Are potential donors passing you by because your charity is not active on social media? Did you know that your followers can be a powerful force in attracting businesses for cause marketing collaborations?

Are you seeking a content creator who understands the delicate balance between informative and soliciting posts? Too many requests can deter people, while too few may result in missed fundraising opportunities.

Do you possess the skills to decipher analytics, draw insightful conclusions, and adapt your strategies based on data interpretation?

Consider outsourcing your social media efforts while still involving your staff in generating cause-specific content, ensuring authenticity and relevance to your mission.

I specialize in guiding donors through the giving pyramid, transforming occasional contributors into reliable supporters.

Unlock the Power of the Giving Pyramid in Your Fundraising Journey!

Ever wonder about the giving pyramid and how it can revolutionize your fundraising efforts? Take the first step towards success – book your free consultation! Discover a myriad of possibilities and learn how you can engage my expertise to explore tailored solutions for your cause.

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Website Fundraising
Optimize Your Online Presence

Do you envision your website working smarter to boost your fundraising efforts?

Allow me to conduct a comprehensive website audit, providing you with a detailed report brimming with actionable suggestions to enhance its support of your fundraising goals.

If your website is on Wix, WordPress, or Shopify, feel free to inquire about my availability to implement any or all of the suggested enhancements. Let's transform your website into a powerful ally for your fundraising endeavours!

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