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Innovation in Fundraising -

Michelle Beaupré, Creater/Founder 

a hand holds a mobile phone with logo and a beaver holding a Canadian Flag.

Recognizing how hard it can be for people to know which charities want what they want to give away when they want to give it away, I conceptualized and developed a user-friendly national directory website. This platform enables individuals across Canada to easily locate charities near them that are interested in receiving specific types of items that they wish to donate.

From establishing the mission to crafting a distinctive logo using Adobe Illustrator, researching charities and adding to the website, I applied a comprehensive approach to building the platform. In 2005, received trademark status.

Conducting thorough content research, I curated valuable information to populate the website, contributing to its relevance and effectiveness. Over time, I adapted to technological advancements by redesigning the website in WordPress, reflecting a commitment to staying at the forefront of user-friendly interfaces.

Beyond the technological aspects, the project serves a critical environmental purpose by mitigating premature landfill use. It acts as a bridge, connecting donors with local charities before they resort to prematurely discarding items. The platform not only aids charities in acquiring much-needed resources but also facilitates the distribution of essential items to those in need who may struggle with affordability.

One of the core benefits lies in fostering improved communication between donors and charities. By streamlining this process, the platform enhances efficiency and ensures that donations align with the specific needs of each charity. The website has achieved excellent first-page SEO positioning, enhancing its visibility and maximizing its impact in search results for item donations, and is visited daily Canada-wide.

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