MBFM has a new look and feel! Your site can too!

Happy to launch my new website! New logo. Same URL. Just a different platform and tweaked content. I enjoy building websites. Rather than bring old blog posts over, I'll start new here. We all know the world isn't quite what it was pre-pandemic. Old best-practices have to be re-evaluated and updated to maximize online outreach.

Why? The mounting prominence of online fundraising through necessity is causing many charities and fundraisers to rethink their outreach and fundraising practices. Lack of opportunities to rub elbows with your donors, or for businesses their clients, can have a major impact on funds raised to support a charity's mission and vision; or a business' ability to keep afloat. The need for creativity and engagement take on a whole new meaning for productive outreach!

It's not all bad though. With difficulty comes opportunity. People are eager to be engaged. That's a plus. More people are going online to find entertainment and services they need. Volunteers are looking through charities' websites to see if their services are needed. You can harness this opportunity for engagement and turn these visitors into donors and customers.

You can reach out further than your own circle of donors online. You're not restricted by city lines. There's room for growth. Glass half-full or half-empty is a matter of perspective and what resources you have to pull from.

Contact me, I would love to hear about what your goals are and how I may be able to help you achieve or maybe even redefine those goals. Build a Shopify website store? Website content refocus? Website goal tweaks? Add features? Social media content writing? Grant application writing? Research? Analytics? Membership outreach and engagement? Fundraising material design? Fundraising campaign guidance/sounding board? Partnering a business with a charity or vice versa for a fundraiser? Let's chat.


Michelle Beaupre

MBFM Michelle Beaupre Fundraising Management

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