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Pre-website build, some things to consider

A website is a powerful marketing tool. When you decide to create a website, the first thing you need to establish is what end results do you want it to help you meet. Drive sales? Fundraising? Share information? Facilitate the booking of your services? Help people find you? And so much more …

Websites today are very much like interlocking building blocks. Decide the purpose of your website, and then select the pieces (features, plugins etc) that will help you create the website that will serve you best. You should also consider what features are you willing to put some effort into for the long term. For example, if you don’t want to live chat with people, then maybe the Chat feature is something that shouldn’t be installed on your website – nobody likes to be ignored. And if you aren’t going to write a blog, at least once a month, then maybe having a blog on your site isn’t a great fit. Looking into the future, if your last blog post on your website shows as posted a year ago, what impression does that leave on your website visitor? But, what we know is that Internet Search engines like to see new content on your website. Search engines will reward websites that frequently update content; pushing higher amounts of traffic to your site when people search for your “key words”. Maybe you could consider having someone take your main ideas, and craft your blog posts for you, as either a guest or ghost writer.

A great website designer can help you figure it all out; examine what parts are right for you to go into your particular website, and suggest ways to streamline your outreach using the latest tools and marketing features that newer website builds can provide.

Call me to explore options. Michelle Beaupré, 613-859-3742.

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