Fundraising Management Consultant / Contractor & Programs Specialist

Michelle Beaupre

Bachelor Social Sciences, Concentration Sociology, Concentration Music, uOttawa


Fundraising Management Program Certificate, Honours, Algonquin College (Dec 2019)


S.E.A. Certificate, La Cité (Self-employment Business Training Program)


Business Program Certificate, D’Arcy McGee, Hull, Québec (Adult Program, full school year)


Computer Program Certificate, D’Arcy McGee, Hull, Québec (Adult Program, full school year)

Resume (PDF)



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I am a team of one + my clients.

You get my personal attention every time.



I was born in Ontario and raised in Québec. I have called Ottawa (Nepean) home for more than 20 years. 

I especially enjoy fundraising, website building and the design of fundraising materials. I enjoy helping clients work through their goals and have them bounce ideas off me. I love to see donations go up for a charity, as well as sales numbers climb higher than a client has ever seen before! I do not collect donations myself. 

I work full-time out of my Mac-equipped home office in my condo. Meetings are remote by Zoom and phone. I have an unlimited Canada-wide phone plan. I can edit audio (pro mic) and video for short promotional clips for social media and YouTube. In my spare time I love singing John Denver songs, and playing acoustic guitar and ok, just a wee bit of piano (out of consideration for my neighbours.)

Are You Technically Challenged?

I first learned computers right after high-school in an intensive program. I know what it is like to have not grown up with them. Older clients are my specialty!


I am incredibly patient and can happily guide even the most technically-challenged through setting-up their social media accounts, for example. Do you know someone that wants to learn how to Zoom for the first time so they can stay connected with friends & family? Do you have a Mac and need to figure out a feature? I can help with that in addition to website builds, fundraising management and business marketing!

(Orca Facemask by Artist Colleen Gray - client)

Charities, non-profits, small to medium size businesses, artists, and the technically-challenged of all ages.

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- Michelle Beaupre


Visit my Services section to see how I can help you achieve and strategize ways to tackle your goals and help you implement a path to success.


I can be by contracted by the hour or a flat fee depending on the project - for example website builds.

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