Fundraising Management Consultant / Contractor & Programs Specialist

Michelle Beaupre

Bachelor Social Sciences, Concentration Sociology, Concentration Music, uOttawa,1992


Fundraising Management Program Certificate, Honours, Algonquin College, Dec 2019


S.E.A. Certificate, Collège La Cité (Self-employment Business Training Program)


Business Program Certificate, D’Arcy McGee, Hull, Québec

Computer Program Certificate, D’Arcy McGee, Hull, Québec 

Resume Michelle Beaupre Jan 2022



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You get my personal attention.

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Hello! I have called Ottawa (Nepean) home for more than 20 years. I am a seven-year stage 1 breast cancer survivor (thank goodness for early detection!) and I LOVE working from home. Need to schedule a weekend or evening Zoom? We can do that too or a regular weekday call.

I especially enjoy fundraising, website building and the design of fundraising materials. I enjoy helping clients work through their goals and have them bounce ideas off me. I love to see donations go up for a charity, as well as sales numbers climb higher than a client has ever seen before! I do not collect the donations myself, I help charities streamline and implement ways to fundraise online. 

I work full-time out of my Mac-equipped home office in my condo. Meetings are remote by Zoom and phone. I have an unlimited Canada-wide phone plan. I can edit audio (pro mic) and video for short promotional clips for social media and YouTube. In my spare time I love singing John Denver songs, and playing acoustic guitar and only a wee bit of piano (out of consideration for my neighbours.) My favourite cartoon is by far Snoopy.

Are You Technically Challenged?

I am incredibly patient and can happily guide even the most technically-challenged through setting-up their social media accounts, learn software etc., for example. Do you know someone that wants to learn how to Zoom for the first time so they can stay connected with friends & family? Do you have a Mac and need to figure out a feature? I can help with that too, in addition to helping you take your products or services online, with an awesome website build or redesign! Or contact me to discuss fundraising management and business marketing!

Let's chat!

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Charities, non-profits, small to medium size businesses, artists etc.

Visit my Services section to see how I can help you achieve and strategize ways to tackle your goals and help you implement a path to success.


I can be contracted by the hour, or for a flat fee depending on the project, for example for website builds and social media post design.

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- Michelle Beaupre

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