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Michelle Beaupre Fundraising Management 

Strategic Web Builds, Content & Grant Writing,

Mission Statements, Presentations & Reports,

Marketing Material Designs, Online Research

Charities, Non-profits, Entrepreneurs, and Artists


Fundraising Management Consultant/Contractor

Website Builds & Content Writing

Shopify, WiX and WordPress

Business Marketing

Online Research

Meetings & Tutorials

via Zoom, FaceTime, Telephone or Skype


Launching soon ... 

Shopify website for

Indigenous Artist Pam Cailloux

Stay tuned! It will go live once Pam receives all the stock for her store.


Charities, small to medium businesses,
entrepreneurs, and artists.


For example:

The Art for Aid Project

Artist Colleen Gray

Artist Pam Cailloux

Michele Bourque, The Ottawa Bra Clinic

Ann Max, Productive to the Max Ltd.

Theresa Dunn, T Dunn Consulting

Lauren Clark, Bridge C-14

Phase In Family Support Services

and more


Hi! I am Michelle Beaupre, the sole-proprietor of MBFM. I work remotely from my Mac-based home office in Nepean, Ontario, Canada. This is a one-person registered business. 


I have a valid Enhanced Security Clearance, and Vulnerable Sector Check.

My long-term philanthropic endeavour is that I created the concept of back in 2003, and I saw it put into full motion when I built the original website for it back in 2005. Trademark was approved in 2008, and I have been running it ever since. I do not charge to list charities on the website, and the public accesses the info for free.

My day job that pays my bills is MBFM Michelle Beaupre Fundraising Management. I like to keep current so in Dec 2019 I graduated with Honours from the Fundraising Management Certificate Program, Algonquin College. Ask about special discounts for Cdn Registered Charities.


Education highlights ...

Bachelor of Social Sciences, Concentration Sociology, Concentration Music, uOttawa

Fundraising Management Program Certificate, Honours, Algonquin College

S.E.A. Certificate, La Cité (Self-employment Business Training Program)


Business Program Certificate, D’Arcy McGee, Hull, Québec

Computer Program Certificate, D’Arcy McGee, Hull, Québec 

Fundraising Management Program Certificate, Honours from Algonquin College:​

“Graduate employment opportunities … fundraising/consulting for non-profit organizations, social welfare agencies, hospitals/health charities, university and college foundations, international development agencies and community organizations.” – Algonquin College



Art for Aid Project.jpg (Built Shopify site) (Spruced up WiX site.)

CGArt_logo-ver2_410x.png (Built Shopify site. Occasional updates.)

Ottawa Bra Clinic.jpg (Built Shopify site) (Refreshed look of WiX site. Connected Breast Cancer Society of Canada with OBC for May/June Bra Promo.)

T Dunn Consulting.jpg (Built WordPress site.)

Phase In.jpg 

(Built WiX website.)

Pam Cailloux Art.jpg

(*Built. Check back. Will go live when the Artist's stock has arrived. It will be

Productive to the Max.jpg

(*Not for website build. Just for occasional Marketing ideas/guide design.)

Doyle & Associates

Internet-based research.


(WiX website - refreshed the look and feel.)

New clients welcome

New clients welcome

New clients welcome



Helping Donors & Charities Connect Across Canada
(Free directory-like site for

Charities & Donors)

My own philanthropic project created in 2005 - ongoing. (WordPress)

Trademarked since 2008

Art for Aid Project.jpg (Shopify) (WiX)

Some volunteer work. E.g., occasional updates/advice. Art for Aid is a program under the Cdn Registered Charity I Love First Peoples.

c5bc93_a448229016c448ee859dab19937dde80_mv2-1.webp (WiX)

Some volunteer work. E.g., website makeover, updates / fundraising advice for the non-profit org.


"Michelle Beaupre is a dream to work with. In June of 2020 I hired her to build a Shopify store for The Art For Aid Project

(The ‘Art For Aid Shop’ –


Throughout the building process, her expedient and professional nature made this entire build stress free. She was on top of even the smallest of details, knew where to find the answers for questions I had, and ensured that everything was in top operational form. Her patience and tenacity for this project makes this recommendation so easy. I was so impressed with her work that I immediately hired her to do the social media management for the store’s launch. Stop looking around for someone to do this for you – just hire her. You’ll be very glad you did."

Artist/Founder The Art for Aid Project

Colleen Gray