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Fundraising Management
Turning Goals into Triumphs!

CharityWishList Screenshot_edited.jpg

Mission – Making it easier and quicker to give stuff away to Canadian Registered Charities near you.

To enable people across Canada to quickly and easily find, and self-connect, to a variety of Canadian Registered Charities near them that have WishLists containing the type of item(s) that the person in that moment wants to give away, to the benefit of our society and environment.

To maintain and grow so that more cities and Canadian Registered Charities in Canada are included.

New to cause marketing?

There could be charities out there that would be a good match for you to partner with! For example, I paired the Ottawa Bra Clinic, with the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. I helped navigate the introductions and paperwork.


Pop-up Banner e.g.:

Note that the logo is strategically placed so it will be included in photos of people standing next to it. If it had been placed at the very top, then it would have been well above the height of the average person.

Pop-up Banner designed by Michelle Beaupre of MBFM T-613-859-3742_edited_edited.jpg

Special Project

Created and trademarked, connecting donors of items, to charities near them that want that type of item donated.

donate to charity near me charitywishlist.jpg

Design examples:

My CharityWishList Logo (registered trademark)


Cultivating Philanthropy Since 2005 - A Continuous Journey stands as a testament to enduring compassion:

✨ Innovative Concept: Conceived the self-serve directory concept, pioneering a new way to connect donors and charities seamlessly.

✨ Visual Identity Craftsmanship: Wove a distinctive narrative with a thoughtfully designed logo, a visual emblem that echoes the spirit of benevolence.

✨ Trademark Triumph: Secured a registered trademark for in 2008, cementing the project's unique identity and commitment to philanthropy.

✨ Adaptive Evolution: Embraced the evolution of digital landscapes, orchestrating a redesign in WordPress, aligning with contemporary digital trends.

🌐 An Everlasting Commitment:, conceived in 2005, continues to bloom as a beacon of hope and giving.

Explore the ongoing journey at An evolving legacy of compassion! #PhilanthropyContinuum #InnovationInGiving

Logo designed for New Rogers-TV Show

Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 2.34.37 PM.png

Progression to Professional Contracts: Transitioned seamlessly from a volunteer role to on-demand paid contracts, reflecting the depth of engagement.

🎓 From Study to Real-World Impact: 

Fundraising Management Program Cornerstone: BCA played a pivotal role as one of my organizational case studies during my Fundraising Management Program.


Transition from Volunteer to Professional: Commenced the journey as a dedicated volunteer, evolving seamlessly into on-demand paid contracts.


💡 Strategic Contributions Unveiled:
Case for Support & Prospectus Crafting: Conducted extensive research, skillfully crafting a compelling Case for Support, and lending creative prowess to the authoring and designing of a Prospectus.


Gala Silent Auction Triumph: Orchestrated successful Gala Silent Auction initiatives, showcasing adeptness in outreach, strategic planning, bidder sheet design, donor appreciation, and eye-catching pop-up banner creations.


Web Presence Enhancement: Offered valuable image design insights and suggestions for website optimization, complementing the efforts of the in-house web management team.


Grant Research & Applications: Executed comprehensive grant research and translated insights into compelling grant applications.


Engaging Presentations: Designed a dynamic and motivational PowerPoint presentation, contributing to the success of fundraising initiatives.

Art for Aid Project.png

Website Development for Art for Aid Project

🎨 Crafting a Hub of Creativity and Support

Constructed a Shopify website for the Art for Aid Project, and continue to provide ongoing support as needed. This platform serves as a dynamic space for the sale of fundraising products, contributing to the shipment of used and new art supplies to remote Indigenous schools in Canada.

The website prominently features an array of new secondary art products, showcasing the unique creations of Indigenous contemporary artist Colleen Gray. This diverse collection includes archival quality prints, limited edition prints, art cards, bookmarks, land acknowledgment plaques, contemporary art calendars, playing cards, laminated prints, inspirational plaques, puzzles, and more.

Art for Aid operates under the umbrella of the Canadian registered charity I Love First Peoples. and are not just websites; they are hubs for artistic expression and support for Indigenous education.

Doyle Solutions Group

  • Online Research and End-of-Year / New Year Projects.

  • Conducted thorough online research for various projects.

  • Designed fundraising collateral for their clients, ensuring impactful representation.

  • Crafted engaging and informative poster designs for their clients.

  • Developed compelling website content and managed postings for their clients, contributing to a dynamic online presence.

  • Designed conference badges and lanyards. National Conference Program, Website content, webinar promotions, Mailchimp newsletters, Vimeo editing and posting of conference videos, etc.


Revitalized aesthetics for Bridge C-14's Wix Website.

Enhanced the visual appeal and overall aesthetic of Bridge C-14's Wix website through a comprehensive review, proposal and implementation of proposed changes.


Also, added a donation page and integrated a donation app / form and calls to action into the website.

Hogman-eh! NYE 2016

Special Event Assistant 
Non-profit Organization
Scottish Society of Ottawa

Captivating the Community:

  • Aug 2016 - Feb 2017: Undertook a pivotal event-based contract with the Scottish Society of Ottawa, standing out as the sole paid orchestrator. An in-person event with over 5,000 attending throughout the evening. Event spanned two buildings at Lansdowne Park, Ottawa.

Community Engagement: The event not only entertained but also engaged the community, fostering a sense of togetherness and cultural celebration.

An Evening of Splendor:

  • Overwhelming Attendance: Commanded an in-person extravaganza that captivated an audience of over 5,000 throughout the enchanting evening.

  • Dual Balloon Drops: Curated magical moments with two distinctive balloon drops – 7 PM for the younger attendees and a grand spectacle at midnight.

  • Lansdowne Park Spectacle: Transformed Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, into a sprawling canvas for a dynamic event unfolding across two buildings.

Unveiling Entertainment Galore:

  • Artistic Headliners: Enthralled the audience with a headlining performance by The Barra MacNeils, complemented by four additional captivating acts spread across two stages.

  • Culinary and Craft Bazaar: Transformed the venue into a culinary and craft haven, enticing attendees with diverse offerings.

  • Multifaceted Attractions: Infused the evening with diverse entertainments – from magicians, jugglers, and face painters to outdoor skating and a unique Scottish Tapestry Exhibit.

Crafting Midnight Marvels:

  • Community Engagement: Fostered community bonds through an engaging celebration, instilling a sense of togetherness.

  • Spectacular Finale: Culminated in a breathtaking midnight fireworks display, etching lasting memories in the hearts of attendees.

A narrative of a sole paid architect working in harmony with a dedicated group of hard-working volunteers, orchestrating an enchanting Scottish soiree, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of Ottawa's cultural celebrations. #EventMastery #ScottishSoiree #CommunityCelebration

The Morning Show -
Event Recap by Emcee & TV Host/Producer Bill Welychka, CKWS-TV News
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